Congressman Says ISIS Is a “Powder Keg” Under Joe Biden

Congressman Says ISIS Is a

( – Islamic State has dropped out of the news recently, but the fanatical jihadi group hasn’t gone away. Last month US forces killed one of its senior leaders in Syria. Now a GOP legislator is warning that, thanks to the Biden administration’s foreign policy weakness, ISIS is a growing threat once more.

On February 16, a joint raid by US CENTCOM and the Syrian Democratic Forces killed ISIS leader Hamza al-Homsi; four US troops and a search dog were wounded during the operation. It was another success in the ongoing battle against the group, which has lost most of the territory it controlled at its peak in 2015 but is still active in Syria. But are there enough successes like this? Representative Mike Waltz (R-FL) doesn’t think so.

Two days after the raid that killed al-Homsi, Waltz — a decorated Green Beret who’s still serving in an Army National Guard Special Forces group — tweeted, “ISIS is back under Biden.” He went on to tell Fox News the Middle East is now “a simmering powder keg,” and the US needs to “keep [ISIS] on their back feet” instead of waiting for it to regain enough power to attack the US directly.

Waltz warned that “this problem hasn’t gone away” and said ISIS hasn’t received “the memo from Biden” to let them know the war against terrorism is over. He said thousands of members of the group are being held in Syrian jails, and there’s no plan on how to deal with them; he said that, being held in prison with no trials or prospect of release, these jihadis are just becoming even more radical. But, he said, there are 67 other terrorist groups that are just as dangerous as ISIS — and we can’t deal with them by just keeping a handful of Green Berets in Syria to hit targets like al-Homsi.

If America wants to be safe, we need to hit these groups hard enough that they go down and stay down; the question is whether the current administration has the will to do that.

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