Congressman Says FBI HQ Should Be Cut Over “Nefarious Behavior”

Congressman Says FBI HQ Should Be Cut Over

( – The FBI’s reputation has suffered badly over the last few years, with the bureau being linked to conspiracies against former president Donald Trump. Republican legislators have turned up disturbing evidence about how the FBI has been “weaponized” by liberals. Now one congressman is trying to rein it in.

On March 21, Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL) called out the FBI for its “nefarious behavior,” highlighting how the once-respected agency — especially its Washington Field Office — is “targeting Americans who oppose their corrupt political agenda.” Gaetz compared the Field Office to a cancer that’s spread so far it’s endangering the entire body of the Bureau. To combat this disease, he’s introducing a bill to cut funding for a new office.

The Washington Field Office is planning a move to a huge new headquarters outside Washington, DC. Gaetz argues that the new HQ would “condone, reinforce, and enable” the office’s attacks on conservatives. His FBI Washington 4 Field Office House Arrest Act would cut off federal funding for the new HQ. The bill provides a long list of allegations against the FBI, including that it has suppressed investigations into criminal conduct, colluded with private companies to help favored political candidates and targeted parents who oppose liberal school boards. It also points out that while the FBI’s manpower is just 2.3% of the Defense Department’s, the proposed new Washington Field Office HQ is bigger than the Pentagon. Gaetz’s bill says this is “entirely inappropriate.”

Gaetz is currently sitting on the House’s GOP-led Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government, which has unearthed many examples of federal agencies working to support Democrats and their liberal agenda. He’s previously called for federal agencies to be defunded unless they’re brought under control; this bill would be a step towards ending the use of federal employees to impose left-wing policies on the American people.

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