Congressman Explodes at FBI’s Chris Wray: “It Should Be a No”

Congressman Explodes at FBI's Chris Wray:

Congressman Explodes at FBI’s Chris Wray: “It Should Be a No”

( – Did the FBI play a role in sparking last year’s January 6 Capitol riot? That’s what many Republicans want to know, and on Tuesday, one of them asked the Bureau’s director for vital information on what happened that day. He didn’t get a straight answer.

On November 17, FBI Director Christopher Wray gave testimony to the House Homeland Security Committee about the Capitol riot. While there, Representative Clay Higgins (R-LA) asked Wray to confirm whether the Bureau had confidential human sources among the protesters — and Wray refused to answer.

A confidential human source is someone who has agreed to pass information to an intelligence agency and can be given instructions by that agency. They will regularly meet or contact an agent handler, who debriefs them on the information they’ve collected and tasks them on what to find out next. FBI confidential sources aren’t members of the FBI, but they are Bureau assets that will do what their handler tells them.

When Higgins asked Wray whether FBI sources were among the rioters, the director said he had to be “very careful” about revealing whether confidential human sources had been used and refused to answer the representative’s question. That didn’t satisfy the congressman, who angrily insisted, “It should be a no!” However, Wray’s refusal to answer is likely to persuade a lot of people that it’s actually a yes.

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