Congressman Accuses GOP of Legislating “Government Mandated Pregnancies”

Congressman Accuses GOP of Legislating

( – With Roe v. Wade and the 2022 midterm elections in the rearview mirror, the new Republican-led House quickly began the task of protecting the unborn from the ravages of abortion. House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) lashed out at GOP lawmakers using wild baseless accusations after they successfully passed a new measure regarding mandates for the care of infants born alive after botched abortion attempts.

On January 11, the House passed the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act (H.R. 26) by a margin of 220 to 210. All 219 Republicans voted to pass the measure. One Democrat sided with Republicans, one voted present, and the remaining 210 voted against the bill.

The following day, Jeffries lashed out at the bill. He claimed H.R. 26 was part of an effort by House Republicans to “impose government-mandated pregnancies” on American women and “criminalize abortion care.” He also accused GOP lawmakers of trying to do “everything possible” to create a nationwide abortion ban.

However, H.R. 26 is a straightforward measure that protects the rights of children born alive after an abortion or a botched attempt to terminate a pregnancy. The measure established the minimum amount of care required of healthcare providers for survivors.

Under the bill, healthcare providers must:

  1. Exercise the same level of care that would “reasonably” be provided to any other infant born “at the same gestational age.”
  2. Immediate admit survivors of an abortion or attempted abortion to a hospital.

The bill also requires any healthcare provider with knowledge of an infraction of those two mandates to immediately report what they know to law enforcement officials.

Any healthcare provider failing to provide the level of care set forth by H.R. 26 or to report infractions faces up to five years of confinement, a fine, or both. Likewise, any person who “intentionally kills” or tries to terminate the life of a child born alive faces criminal penalties for murder.

Additionally, the measure protects mothers from criminal prosecution. It also allows her to file a civil complaint against any healthcare provider or worker for violating H.R. 26.

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