Congress Proposes New Bill That Targets Unvaccinated Americans

Congress Proposes New Bill That Targets Unvaccinated Americans

( – A Democrat congressman wants to launch a new crackdown on unvaccinated Americans, with a draconian bill that would ban them from flying.

On August 6, Representative Ritchie Torres (D-NY) introduced a House bill proposing to ban anyone who isn’t fully vaccinated against COVID from traveling on any flight that departs from or arrives at a US airport. In short, it’s a total ban on flying unless individuals agree to have both vaccine shots.

Torres has now gone public with his flight ban campaign, claiming, “The TSA never allows people to enter planes or airports with a weapon, and the Delta variant is a weapon.” The problem with this argument is the COVID vaccination isn’t the equivalent of disarming passengers at the departure gate.

The vaccine doesn’t completely prevent infections, but it will reduce the chances of serious illness or death if an infection does occur. And new research has shown fully vaccinated people can carry and transmit the virus, just as unvaccinated individuals do. So is Torres really trying to save lives, or is he just trying to punish unvaccinated Americans?

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