Confirmed — The FBI Is Officially Investigating Hunter Biden

Confirmed --- The FBI Is Officially Investigating Hunter Biden

FBI Director Drops DAMNING Info On Hunter Biden!

( – Controversy continues to surround President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. His admitted history of substance abuse and documentation of his sketchy overseas business deals discovered on an abandoned laptop have plagued his father’s political career for years. Recent congressional testimony revealed the FBI is investigating the younger Biden.

On August 4, FBI Director Christopher Wray confirmed the investigation’s existence while testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) asked for details regarding a whistleblower report alleging the head of the agency’s Washington, DC, field office attempted to close an inquiry into the younger Biden in 2020.

Wray responded that he had to be “careful” regarding any discussion of that matter because it pertained to an “ongoing investigation.” The director also said the FBI’s Baltimore field office was spearheading the inquiry into Hunter Biden in coordination with the US Attorney for Delaware, “a holdover from the prior administration.”

News reports from December 2021 already revealed that Hunter Biden is the target of investigations led by the US Attorney’s offices in the Southern District of New York and Delaware into allegations involving money laundering, his overseas business deals, and tax evasion.

What do you think about the news the FBI has also been looking into possible crimes committed by the president’s son?

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