Confederate Statue to Remain in Place

Confederate Statue to Remain in Place

In an effort to curb racist tendencies in Charlottesville, political activists called for the removal of a Confederate war statue. The statue of General Robert E. Lee was a focal point of the Unite the Right rally in 2017, where white supremacists killed a counter-protester. Circuit Court Judge Richard Moore recently ruled that attempts to remove the statue violate a state law that protects war memorials.

Confederate statues are a hot topic among certain political groups. Some claim that the statues are inherently racist and promote others to commit racist actions. Others believe that these statues are pieces of history and a reminder of our origins and how far America has come since the days of slavery.

What do you think about Confederate war statues? Are they historical objects to be protected and remembered, or are they too tainted by an ugly era of American history that’s best to be forgotten? Post your thoughts on how we should treat our country’s history down below.


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