Community Cites Security Concerns While Protesting Chinese Factory

Community Cites Security Concerns While Protesting Chinese Factory

( – President Joe Biden readily concedes the threat China presents to American national security. Yet, his administration hasn’t pushed back on US-based far-left organizations and individuals funneling millions of dollars to China. The situation has gotten to the point that community members in Michigan are voicing their security concerns about a Chinese factory local Democrats want to fund.

On March 18, Fox News published an in-depth report detailing protests by residents of Big Rapids and Green Charter Township in rural Mecosta County, Michigan. Local citizens are raising concerns regarding the construction of an electric vehicle battery (EV battery) plant by Gotion, Inc., a Silicon Valley-based subsidiary of a publicly traded company headquartered in Hefei, China, called Guoxuan High Tech Company.

Former Republican gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon spearheaded the local efforts to block the construction of the EV battery plant. On March 15, she posted a couple of short clips of residents telling board members to prioritize “national security over the promise of jobs.”

Local residents aren’t the only voices speaking out against the Gotion plant. On March 16, Michigan House Republicans issued a press release discussing the party’s opposition to the use of state funds to support corporations with ties to Mainland China.

Democratic Lawmakers previously forced through two legislative transfer requests providing more than $500 million in funds from the state’s Strategic Outreach and Attraction Reserve Fund to help finance the EV battery plant in Big Rapids and two other factories. Ford Motor Company plans to build a plant in the City of Marshall, and Our Next Energy is constructing one in Wayne County.

Ford plans to partner with CATL, a publicly traded company on the Shenzhen stock exchange. Michigan Republicans claim CATL has ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

State Rep. Cameron Cavitt (R-District 106) spoke out against the funding measure and urged fellow Michigan House Appropriations Committee members to put the needs of Michigan residents first instead of focusing on providing handouts to foreign companies.

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