Comey Admits He Was Wrong On FBI Surveillance

Comey Admits He Was Wrong On FBI Surveillance

Former FBI director James Comey has admitted he was wrong about the way the Bureau handled surveillance of Trump advisor Carter Page — but won’t take full responsibility for his own role in the mess. The admission follows a damning report by Michael Horowitz, the Justice Department Inspector General.

Horowitz says there were no less than 17 “significant inaccuracies” in the FBI’s applications for FISA warrants against Page, apparently designed to make sure the warrants were granted. Among other things, the Bureau withheld evidence that contradicted their belief Page was working for Russia and buried anything that undermined the credibility of Christopher Steele, the ex-MI6 mercenary whose “dossier” was the main evidence for collusion with Russia.

Last year, Comey said he had “total confidence” in the surveillance of Page, but now says he was overconfident in the FBI’s procedures. He also acknowledges that the Bureau gave false information to the FISA Court when it applied for the warrants against Page. However, he still rejects the obvious conclusion from all this — that the FBI was breaking its own rules so it could pursue a biased vendetta against President Trump.

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  1. Did anyone expect Comey to say anything different? When he’s caught with his hand in “the cookie jar” the first thought is “what cane I say to get out of this situation”! It is rarely “well I must tell the truth”!

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