Colt Ceases Rifle Production

Colt Ceases Rifle Production

In a recent statement from Colt, one of America’s gun largest manufacturers, it will temporarily stop producing their famous rifles. Colt claims that the rifle market is saturated and that it no longer makes economic sense to create more. Its AR-15, perhaps Colt’s most famous rifle, is included in this new policy.

Gun advocates are questioning whether this is a purely economic decision or if Colt is giving in to the Left’s gun violence propaganda. Recently, large stores across America have either asked customers to not openly carry guns in their stores, barred customers from carrying or stopped selling ammunition. Liberals may want the country to be safer, but they’re stripping away our Constitutional rights to achieve their goal.

Is Colt also giving in to the fear-mongering promoted by Liberals and mainstream media? Or, is the company simply following market trends in order to keep its doors open? Tell us what you think about Colt’s latest decision!


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