Colorado Shooter's Father Was Deported Twice

Police investigating last week’s murderous attack on STEM School Highlands Ranch in Denver, CO, have made a horrifying discovery. The father of one of the killers was a Mexican national with a violent criminal history and no right to be in the US — he’d already been deported twice. Is this going to be enough to persuade Democrats that we need to secure our borders properly? Don’t bet on it.


Maya “Alec” McKinney and Devon Erickson achieved notoriety on May 7th, when they opened fire on their fellow students — killing one, injuring eight and traumatizing the survivors. The two planned and carried out the atrocity together. Now it has emerged that if we properly controlled who came into our country, McKinney might not even have existed.

  • McKinney’s father, Jose Evis Quintana, is a Mexican national who’s been in the US for at least 17 years. In 2003, he and his long-term girlfriend, Morgan Lynn McKinney, had a daughter, Maya.
  • At some point in the last few years, Maya decided she was actually a boy and insists on being called Alec.
  • Whatever mental health problems made McKinney carry out the STEM School attack, Quintana’s dismal performance as a father figure probably contributed to them. His relationship with Morgan Lynn McKinney was dysfunctional, to say the least.
  • Quintana was arrested in 2008 for menacing involving a weapon, kidnapping, evading police and driving without a license. He was then released on bail.
  • In 2009, domestic violence charges for an assault on McKinney were added. Unfortunately, all charges except the domestic violence ones were dropped, but Quintana was sentenced to 15 months in jail anyway.
  • After his jail sentence, Quintana was deported back to Mexico on December 9, 2010. He returned to the US illegally and was deported again on April 21, 2017.
  • All Quintana’s arrests and deportations came well after his daughter was born — but perhaps, if the law had been properly enforced and the border secured, he’d never have made it into the US in the first place.
  • There’s also the issue of Maya McKinney’s mental health to consider. Would she have grown up with fewer issues if she hadn’t been sharing a home with a violent criminal? Would one child be alive, and others unscarred by the shooting, if Quintana had been denied bail then deported for good as soon as he got out of jail?
  • McKinney was five when her father was first arrested. That’s young enough that, without him around, she could have followed a totally different path in life. Liberals claim their policies can prevent more school shootings — but it’s their obsession with open borders that caused this one.