College Kids Confront Harvard Over Investments

There’s a trend among college students nationwide to protest against their university to enact change. While this process itself isn’t bad, problems arise when students become indoctrinated into Leftist belief systems. Harvard University is a prime example of this trend because the college has the largest endowment of American educational institutions.

Harvard students have successfully pressured the school into divesting resources from the tobacco industry and other programs. Now, college kids want Harvard to cease funding to institutions that support prisons. Critics call this motion an “uphill battle” in spite of numerous student protests and demonstrations.

Where exactly do these college students think criminals are going to go with fewer prisons?

This movement comes from students who haven’t witnessed the real world, yet believe they know exactly how it works. These students are fighting for “social justice” without understanding that the ramifications of their proposal will result in the opposite of what they want. That’s what happens when Liberal ideologies are forced onto our impressionable youth while Conservative ideas and people are shunned off campuses across America

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