CNN’s Shocking Mt. Rushmore Comments

CNN's Shocking Mt. Rushmore Comments

( – To no one’s surprise, CNN has done another 180 — This time when talking about a National Landmark. When Barack Obama visited Mt. Rushmore in 2008, CNN described it as “majestic” and “quite a sight.” When Bernie Sanders visited in 2016, they again referred to the mountain’s “majesty” and called it a “monument, to four great American presidents.”

Things were a little different when President Trump held a rally at the mountain last Friday, July 3, though. Now, CNN has decided it’s actually a monument to “two slave owners” on land allegedly “wrestled away” from Native Americans. It’s almost as if there’s some type of subtle political bias going on here.

CNN was also criticized for speculating that the president was going to defend Confederate generals in his speech to the rally. In fact, he spoke up against attempts to destroy or edit America’s history – a sentiment echoed by many African Americans, a majority of whom oppose calls to demolish the carvings on Mt. Rushmore.

Don’t expect CNN to correct its mistakes any time soon, though.

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