CNN Reportedly Has an Agenda for “Older” White Americans

CNN Reportedly Has an Agenda for

( – CNN has dived back into the culture wars with an astonishing blast at older Americans. The liberal network is complaining that people don’t want to change their values to accommodate young people’s “progressive” ones. Now it’s demanding older, specifically white, people give up everything for the “new demographic.”

On June 19, CNN political analyst Ron Brownstein appeared on the network’s “This Morning” as part of a segment on how conservatives are “imposing” their values on the country. Brownstein skipped over the fact that those “conservative” values are the ones almost everyone, including most Democrats, held as recently as the Obama administration.

Instead, he complained about an “attempt to kind of impose those values” and claimed red state voters are trying to force businesses to go along. Brownstein said companies need to decide whether to be part of “this changing, inclusive America” or cave to conservative pressure. The idea that they could just sell products and services, and stay out of politics, didn’t seem to occur to him.

Brownstein specifically singled out “nonurban, older white voters” as the conservative coalition that’s “not changing.” He then changed his argument and claimed that the nation is changing — by moving back to “a pre-1960s world.”

Critics point out Brownstein’s worldview is problematic because he seems to assume change, and the values of the younger generation, are automatically an improvement. Perhaps it hasn’t occurred to progressives that older people hold on to their values instead of meekly surrendering to the latest political fad because they think those values create a better society.

Conservative pundits also argue that Brownstein doesn’t seem to recognize that while the “new demographic” has a right to whatever values it wants, so do older Americans — yes, even if they’re white and non-urban. Brownstein is arguing for inclusivity, but certain critics claim he’s just displaying typical liberal arrogance.

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