CNN Refuses to Air Trump’s “Rigged Election” Speech

CNN Refuses to Air Trump's

( – Tensions continue to rise as the nation awaits the final results of the 2020 presidential election. Meanwhile, several mainstream media members continue their ongoing effort to toss any semblance of journalistic integrity out the window. However, CNN has stood out even further from this crowd with hosts Anderson Cooper, Jake Tapper, and others consistently setting aside fair and impartial reporting practices.

Continuing the pattern, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo refused to air a pre-recorded speech by President Donald Trump released on December 2. The president discussed what he called an “orchestrated effort” by Democrats and others to steal the presidency by committing voter fraud.

Cuomo went off on the president, calling him a conman and a liar. Continuing, he said the president’s “lies and ugly suggestions” were nothing more than a ruse to create division within the country. He also accused the commander-in-chief of pulling off a “con” on his supporters by using voting fraud allegations to raise money.

Professional journalists are supposed to follow the basic principles of impartiality, objectivity, and fairness. It’s time for CNN to start holding its hosts accountable when they flagrantly disregard those standards. The American people and the President of the United States deserve nothing less.

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