CNN Calls Police After Investigator Crashes Strategy Meetings

CNN Calls Police After Investigator Crashes Strategy Meetings

( – Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe has been investigating corruption, waste, fraud, and other misconduct by public and private institutions since 2011. Earlier this year, he covered ABC News’ biased approach to covering President Donald Trump. Most recently, he set his sights on liberal-leaning CNN, exposing its recent efforts to target Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and the president.

O’Keefe and his organization have been listening in on CNN’s daily strategy call with CNN Worldwide president Jeff Zucker. On Tuesday, December 1, O’Keefe posted the first of several recordings of those teleconferences on his Twitter account.

Zucker and his underlings can be heard discussing a strategy to disrupt the president’s reelection bid on September 8, instructing his reporters to push so-called Trump “scandals,” framing each as the one that will lose him votes.

In an October 9 recording, Zucker discussed pushing the idea that President Trump was acting “erratically,” possibly due to steroid treatments for COVID-19. On November 17, he talked about the need to target Sen. Graham and said he thought CNN made a mistake being “too polite.”

CNN Communications posted a response to another tweet by O’Keefe claiming they contacted law enforcement officials about the matter. So far, O’Keefe is standing his ground and continues posting portions of intercepted calls.

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