CNN Boss Stunned With the Left’s Level of “Uninformed Vitriol”

CNN Boss Stunned With the Left's Level of

( – The CEO of CNN has delivered a crushing verdict on the organization he took over in early 2022. Chris Licht, who wants to restore the network’s reputation after years of liberal bias, says he’s been stunned by what he found at the organization.

In February, Licht replaced CNN’s previous CEO, Jeff Zucker, who had presided over a sharp swing to the left in the network’s news coverage. Licht’s mission was to reverse that and bring the network back to its origins as a reliable news source. He quickly set out to make changes, laying off hundreds of staff and saying he wanted CNN to stop telling people what to think and start teaching them how to think. Not everyone agrees with that decision, though.

A December 18 article in The New York Times quoted Licht as saying, “The uninformed vitriol, especially from the left, has been stunning.” However, he then made it very clear that the firestorm of criticism he’s facing won’t knock him off track. Saying that the pushback proves his point, he slammed “what passes for news” as “name-calling, half-truths and desperation.” That’s what Conservatives have been saying for years; now, at last, someone at CNN seems to agree.

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