CNN Admits Ron DeSantis Decision Is “Paying Off”

CNN Admits Ron DeSantis Decision Is

( – Liberal media giant CNN was forced into a humiliating admission over Florida’s COVID policies on Wednesday. For almost a year, liberals have been slamming the state for not imposing harsh lockdowns. Now they’ve had to change their tune.

Early in the pandemic, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis decided to preserve as many freedoms as possible – and save as much of his state’s economy as he could. The media and Democrats were furious, accusing DeSantis of gambling with the lives of Floridians, but if it was a gamble, it paid off. Now, even CNN admits it.

On March 17, CNN correspondent Jeff Zeleny wrote an op-ed about Florida’s performance. He highlighted how Florida has coped with the pandemic as well as most other states, and better than many that destroyed their economies with lockdown policies. While COVID cases are slightly higher than the US average, deaths are significantly lower – and the unemployment rate is barely half that of Dem-run California. Democrats are still whining about his failure to close businesses and impose a mask mandate, but the evidence shows he got it right. And even CNN admits that.

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