CNN Admits Biden’s Approval Numbers Are Worse Then Trump’s Ever Were

CNN Admits Biden's Approval Numbers Are Worse Then Trump's Ever Were

( – A liberal media outlet has admitted that President Biden’s poll numbers are worse than anything seen under his predecessor. The administration is buckling under the weight of multiple crises and Biden can’t cope. Is his popularity with voters already past the point of no return?

On April 14, CNN’s polling expert, Harry Enten, appeared on the network’s “New Day” show to discuss Biden’s latest popularity ratings. Host John Berman commented that the president’s approval ratings are “really tough,” prompting Enten to explain just how tough they actually are.

Enten explained that there were four polls last week, and all of them show Biden either as having the lowest ratings ever or one point off the lowest. He said that’s “indicative of a president who is in a lot of trouble.” Biden’s poll ratings started out high, but after the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan they nose-dived and have never recovered.

Berman went on to ask how Biden compared with former President Donald Trump. Enten admitted that pollsters had repeatedly said Trump’s poll numbers were the worst ever, then said “actually [Trump’s] average approval rating is one point higher than Joe Biden’s.” As for Biden’s number Enten said, “This is the lowest… this is a really, really, really bad number.” Is there any chance left of Biden turning it round before November’s midterm elections?

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