Clinton’s Dirty Tricks Finally Exposed

Clinton's Dirty Tricks Finally Exposed

( – Democrats are still up to their old tricks. Since January 6, the Left and its media allies have continued to propagate what they call the “Big Lie.” Despite law enforcement investigations alleging an organized and purposeful riot on January 6, it’s not materializing. One would think 10 months later there would be groundbreaking arrests and courtroom trials. Instead, Democrats want to keep their narrative alive through the partisan January 6 House Select Committee.

It doesn’t take much to spin a false narrative, especially in presidential elections. Some politicians are great at creating and using dirty tricks to their advantage. Count the Clintons among them. The entire fabricated Steele Dossier story is exposing once and for all how low Hillary Clinton’s campaign went in 2016. Her actions fueled the fire of scandal that almost rivals Watergate.

Clinton Trickery Doomed a Presidency

Where to start? In short, Clinton’s law firm hired former British spy Christopher Steele to do opposition research on Donald Trump. Except, it wasn’t so much research as it was creating a fake story linking Trump to Russia. A Steele Russian employee named Igor Danchenko made up illicit rumors about Trump and fabricated what became known as the Steele Dossier. Clinton confidant Charles Dolan also contributed to the lies.

The idea behind the trickery was to tie Trump to Russia and make the public believe the business titan was connected to Vladimir Putin. Additionally, they suggested the lie about Trump’s supposed disgusting behavior with prostitutes made him susceptible to Russian blackmail.

The Steele Dossier and all the rumors were bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton. Once out there, the stories took on a life of their own among federal law enforcement. Partisan politicians and bureaucrats with an ax to grind used the Steele Dossier and lied to federal courts to get wiretapping warrants.

The rest is history.

Media Carries the Weight of the Lies and Congress Obliges

For three years, conspiracies from Democratic lawmakers and the left-wing media propagated the lies and built on top of them. They claimed foreign interference led to Clinton’s loss to Trump. It was all a lie that took on a life of its own.

Out of the gate, Democrats labeled Trump an illegitimate president, and Clinton helped propel the message after the election. The media speculated that Trump would resign. Mainstream media fed a steady diet of fake information coming from unnamed intelligent sources who said Trump’s actions would lead to impeachment and prison. For years, Trump antagonist Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said he had proof of Russia collusion. It never materialized.

In 2020, former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein acknowledged the FBI and others in the Justice Department hatched a plot against Trump that should have never happened.

From 2016 to 2019, a vast criminal undertaking by politicians, journalists, and law enforcement grossly shaped public opinion with lies. Where is the outrage? Instead, it’s the same old same old. Trump is a big bad orange man, and Republicans are no better.

Democrats better hope special counselor John Durham didn’t catch on… oh, wait, he did. He charged Danchenko with lying to the FBI, and many more dominoes will likely drop in the future.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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