Climate Summit Team to Bargain for America

Climate Summit Team to Bargain for America

President Trump’s commitment to ensuring that American interests come first is unwavering. He’s pulling us out of the Paris Climate Accord as it places unnecessary restrictions on our ability to efficiently do business. Therefore, many speculated that America wouldn’t have a presence at the world’s biggest climate summit.

They’re wrong, of course. America will have a presence, but it won’t be to have the US bend to a globalist agenda. We’ll be there because Trump is sending an expert team to make deals that help us prosper.

Madrid is where this huge climate summit will be hosted. The US delegation will protect our interests while leveling the playing field for American businesses to work their magic on the economy. This will, of course, upset Liberals everywhere who want to see many of our biggest industries dismantled.

What matters more than anything is that our president still looks out for our interests on the global stage.

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