Clarence Thomas Gets a SURPRISING Endorsement From a Liberal Judge

Clarence Thomas Gets Big Compliment From Liberal Justice

Clarence Thomas Gets Big Compliment From Liberal Justice

( – Conservative and liberal Supreme Court justices often find themselves at odds on critical legal issues. For instance, the court recently split along ideological lines when it ruled a woman doesn’t have a constitutional right to abortion. In that case, liberal panelist Sonia Sotomayor joined a scathing dissent to the recent majority opinion overturning Roe v. Wade, while Clarence Thomas, her conservative counterpart, filed a concurring opinion. Yet, despite their long-standing clash on constitutional questions, Sotomayor recently gave Thomas a big compliment.

On October 20, Justice Sotomayor sat down for a discussion and question/answer period at Chicago’s Roosevelt University after receiving a social justice award. The conversation covered many topics, including her long-standing disagreements with Justice Thomas on various Supreme Court rulings.

Sotomayor readily conceded that she clashed with Thomas more than the other justices. However, she said it’s important to always find the good in people.

Continuing, Sotomayor complimented Thomas, telling the audience he takes the time to get to know nearly everyone who works for the court. “He knows their name,” she explained, adding that he’ll let others know if someone’s wife is sick or a staffer’s child is experiencing a difficult time. Sotomayor summarized her thoughts about Thomas stating that “he cares about people.”

What do you think about a liberal justice showing such deep regard for her conservative counterpart? Could this serve as a roadmap for politicians and others to set aside their political differences and come together as Americans?

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