CIA Sent a WARNING Before the Explosion

CIA Sent a Warning Before Massive Leak

CIA Sent a Warning Before Massive Leak

( – Two massive pipelines that carry Russian gas to Europe were crippled by explosions on Monday. European officials say the pipes were sabotaged — and Russia is the leading suspect. Now it’s emerged that the CIA warned weeks ago that the pipelines were vulnerable.

On September 26, the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines were hit by four underwater explosions in the Baltic Sea. Both pipelines were damaged, possibly beyond repair, and video shows dramatic turbulence on the sea’s surface as plumes of flammable methane gas rise from the broken pipes. European leaders believe the pipes were sabotaged, probably by Russia.

The Kremlin denies being involved — but Russian Navy ships and a submarine were spotted in the area shortly before the explosions, and Russia operates at least one submarine designed to sabotage undersea infrastructure.

Russia shut down the Nord Stream 1 pipeline for “maintenance” in August, and it’s never reopened. Nord Stream 2 was suspended before entering service after the US put pressure on the German government. The sabotage won’t have any direct impact on Europe’s gas supplies, but it does show that another pipeline under the Baltic, running from Norway to Poland and Denmark, is also vulnerable. Did Russia blow up its own pipelines as a warning?

On Tuesday night, US media reported that the CIA warned “weeks ago” that the pipelines could be targeted. The warning didn’t go into details about the time or place of an attack, but it shows the agency was aware Nord Stream could be weaponized. The sabotage has already reversed the recent fall in gas prices, causing panic in the markets. Was that part of a Kremlin plan?

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