CIA Officials Reportedly Abused Children

CIA Officials Reportedly Abused Children

( – The CIA has floated from one scandal to another over the years. No doubt, the agency remains tarnished from the 2014 findings detailed in the Senate’s infamous report on torture. However, a recent report discussing the alleged abuse of children sends a rather chilling message to the American public regarding the agency’s ability to police itself.

On Wednesday, December 1, Buzzfeed News released the results of its in-depth review of a long-standing practice of letting CIA employees and contractors off the hook for sex crimes involving children. A couple of investigative reporters dug through 14 years’ worth of documents obtained through Freedom of Information (FOI) requests, lawsuits and declassified documents from the CIA’s Inspector General’s Office.

The two reporters uncovered documentation showing at least 10 CIA workers and contractors committed criminal acts involving minors. Making matters worse, Justice Department officials only charged 1 of the individuals even though officials referred all 10 for prosecution.

As it turned out, CIA officials and Justice Department prosecutors were more concerned about the potential disclosure of covert operations than the welfare of the children involved and accountability for the perpetrators.

Hopefully, CIA officials and prosecutors will take notice and stop shielding agency staffers who commit horrendous crimes.

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