Churches Are on Beto’s Radar

Churches Are on Beto's Radar

There’s a good reason that the Evangelical voting block almost exclusively sides with Republicans on politics. The Right always makes a good-faith effort to live up to the ideals and moral framework created by God. As an institution, Christianity is vital in creating and protecting the moral fabric of our society.

Some Democrats, like DNC candidate Beto O’Rourke, seek to dismantle Christianity’s presence in society and in politics. His latest proposal is to remove tax-exempt status from organizations that don’t support same-sex marriage. Below is a clip of his truly disturbing ideology.

When did the sentiment of “adopt my moral system or pay the price” become an effective way to gain voters?

While some Democrats are faithful Christians, their elected officials (and presidential hopefuls) hardly conform to the traditional Christian values our country was founded on. Wonder if he’ll attempt to enforce this rule on Muslim Mosques as well? Let us know what you think.

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