Church Attack in Burkina Faso — MSM Silent Again

Six people died Sunday, May 12th, in the West African country of Burkina Faso after Islamic terrorists opened fire on a church. It’s the second bloody massacre of Christians in the country in the last two weeks — but it’s still barely being reported. Questions are being asked about why the mainstream media is paying so little attention to the wave of murderous anti-Christian attacks that’s sweeping Africa and the Middle East, but giving saturation coverage to any attack on another religion that we probably don’t need to name.


Terror struck Burkina Faso’s capital city last Sunday, as Islamist gunmen attacked worshippers leaving a Catholic church in Ouagadougou. Mass had just finished at around 9 am when around 20 armed men stormed the church. At least six died, including the priest. The terrorists then set fire to the building, looted nearby stores and escaped.

  • Unusually, the Ouagadougou attack made some mainstream media outlets, although none of them published more than a short, below-the-fold filler piece. This is still a lot more coverage than most similar attacks get, but that’s probably because it was the country’s second in just two weeks.
  • On the last Sunday in April, a pastor and at least five members of his congregation were murdered in an almost identical attack, this time on a Protestant church not far from Ouagadougou. Outside of conservative news sources, the earlier massacre got no attention at all.
  • This pattern is depressingly common, despite attacks on churches having grown to the status of an epidemic. Across most of the Middle East and Africa, Christian places of worship are regular targets for terrorist attacks, with dozens occurring every week — but the media is almost silent.
  • On the other hand, isolated cases of attacks on mosques carried out by non-Muslims get massive, global media coverage. The recent Christchurch atrocity dominated headlines across the western world for weeks.
  • The vast majority of attacks on mosques are carried out by other Muslims — massacres at Shia mosques are a daily occurrence in Iraq and parts of Syria — but these get almost as little attention as attacks on churches.
  • Biased journalists pushing an anti-western, anti-white and anti-Christian agenda have been hyping up some mosque attacks, and suppressing reporting of the much more frequent attacks on churches, as a way of skewing the public’s perception of religious violence. The reality is that across much of the world today, Christians are the most persecuted religion. It’s about time our media started telling the truth about this.