Chuck Todd Admitted — Abbott Was Right about Blue Cities

( – In April 2022, Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) began voluntarily bussing migrants to Democratic cities and states. He slammed their Leftist policies, blaming them for the migrant crisis at the border. He also made it clear that he believed those leaders would care more about the issue if they were dealing with the negative effects. A liberal political pundit recently admitted the governor was right all along.

An Accurate Prediction

On the August 9 episode of “Meet the Press NOW,” host Chuck Todd discussed the growing migrant crisis around the country. Democratic leaders have started applying pressure on President Joe Biden’s administration, demanding he allocate more resources to their cities and states. 

Todd admitted Abbott was right about the “growing humanitarian crisis” when he said he believed Democrats “would be very upset at the federal government” when they had to deal with the ramifications. He added that the Texas governor had complained “about the administration not helping for months” when he finally decided to start bussing the immigrants to Democratic strongholds. 

“He’s turned out to be right about this […] it didn’t matter Democrat or Republican — would also feel burdened by this,” Todd explained.

Pressure Mounting

On August 8, Massachusetts Governor Maura T. Healey (D) declared a state of emergency over the massive influx of migrants, placing a strain on the state’s resources. According to a press release, President Joe Biden’s administration has failed to quickly process work permits for asylum seekers. That has led to a situation where the state is providing for all of the migrants’ needs. More than 20,000 of them are in the state’s shelters. 

In New York City, Mayor Eric Adams (D) held a town hall-style event on August 10, asking residents to “raise [their] voice on the federal level.” There are more than 50,000 migrants in the city who need shelter. The mayor is taking over soccer fields used by high schools just before the fall season starts and is using them to house immigrants. Adams has asked the White House to declare a state of emergency over the situation. He has also claimed the crisis will cost the city $12 billion.

Washington, DC, Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) has asked for the federal government to allow the National Guard to help with the migrant situation. The Department of Defense denied the request. 

Before Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) left the job, she declared a state of emergency in the city to deal with the crisis. She also called on the federal government to help the immigrants who arrived in the city.

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