Chuck Schumer Caves to Trump – Finally Admits Closing Schools Will Destroy the Economy

Chuck Schumer Caves to Trump - Finally Admits Closing Schools Will Destroy the Economy

( – President Donald Trump has been warning for months that American schools need to be reopened to help reopen the economy. And now, it finally looks like Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer (NY) is agreeing with him.

According to a new report, Schumer issued a statement to reporters confirming schools need to be reopened to save the economy. Responding to President Trump’s threat to use executive orders to fix economic problems if the House won’t cooperate, he complained, “If we don’t open up the schools, you’re going to hurt the economy significantly…”

Chuck Schumer Admits It

President Trump has been adamant about reopening schools for months now, but teaching unions are refusing. Of course, Democrats are siding with the unions. The American Federation of Teachers and its 1.7 million members are threatening to strike if schools reopen without their approval, and the only way to get that approval is to buy off the union. If Schumer really cared about schools opening he could ask the union to stop being obstructive, but as usual he’d rather take cheap shots at the president.

Unless we get the economy up and running soon, the damage done by COVID-19 is going to get lost in the background noise of a new Great Depression. That’s why the administration has been trying so hard to support workers and businesses, despite opposition from Dems. Getting America back to work isn’t all about money, though. Schools need to reopen so people can get back to work and Schumer has just agreed that Democrats are on the wrong side of this issue.

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