Chinese Spy Arrested and In Court

Chinese Spy Arrested and In Court

A Chinese spy, who was recently caught in a sting operation this summer, is now appearing in court. The takedown of this individual was four years in the making.

Xuehua Edward Peng, a 56-year-old naturalized US citizen, lived a double life as a tour guide in the liberal city of San Francisco. His true job, however, was as a secret agent for the People’s Republic of China. Peng was caught in an attempt to buy sensitive national security information for $20,000, using a hotel room in Georgia as a dead drop location.

It’s impossible to truly know who someone is until you catch them red-handed. That’s why it’s imperative to stay vigilant at all times and keep an eye out for suspicious behavior. A little bit of diligence and patriotism from every American can prevent foreign entities from infiltrating our country.


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