Chinese Secret Police Targeted US Army Vet on American Soil

Chinese Secret Police Targeted US Army Vet on American Soil

( – The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will stop at nothing to silence those who oppose its agenda, even if it’s on US soil. In 2018, the Trump administration created the China Initiative. The program’s purpose was to protect US national security against Chinese spying on US intellectual property and in US academic institutions. The Department of Justice’s (DOJ) goal was to stop the Chinese from hacking, economic espionage, and stealing trade secrets.

In February, the Biden administration halted the China Initiative, accusing the program of racially profiling Chinese Americans. Officials supplanted it with a much broader agenda. On Wednesday, March 16, the DOJ announced the government was unsealing three cases involving Chinese dissidents and illegal acts by the Chinese Secret Police in the United States.

Chinese Secret Police Attempt to Silence American Chinese Citizens

The Justice Department said that it charged five people in three separate cases for stalking, harassing, intimidating, and planning to commit violence against Chinese dissidents in the United States. In one instance, federal authorities uncovered a plot by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to interfere in a congressional election.

Federal Prosecutors said that alleged Chinese intelligence agent Lin Qiming devised a political scandal to smear Democratic congressional candidate Yan Xiong. In 1989, Yan was a student leader in the Tiananmen Square protest. Later, he heavily supported pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. Yan eventually became a US citizen and served two tours of duty in Iraq in the US Army.

Lin hired a private investigator (PI) to find evidence of prostitution, child pornography, or tax evasion to discredit Yan. If the PI was unable to find discrediting information, Lin authorized the investigator to resort to fabricating a story or commit violence to intimidate Yan into dropping out of the congressional race.

Before anything happened to Yan, it appeared that the Chinese Communist Party put a kibosh on the plan and refused to finance $40,000 of the operation.

Unfortunately, Yan wasn’t the only one the CCP targeted. The DOJ alleged that three Chinese men spent over $100,000 to harass and intimidate Chinese dissidents living in the United States. They attempted to bribe IRS agents into providing dissident’s tax information and roserted to other means to discredit their victims.

In another case, the DOJ said 73-year-old US naturalized citizen Wang Shujun was a member of a pro-democracy group; but, was he? From January 2016 to August 2021, the DOJ alleged that Wang secretly operated as a CCP agent. He gathered information about individuals involved in the pro-democracy group and handed it off to handlers in the communist government.

DOJ Says It Will Work to Halt Chinese Repression of Pro-Democracy Dissidents

Assistant Attorney General for National Security Matthew Olsen said the DOJ would defend against the Chinese government’s repressive acts to violate US sovereignty and harm US residents. US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York Breon Peace said the victims were targets because they supported democracy and chose to exercise their Constitutional rights of free speech. He added the unsealed complaints demonstrated how far the CCP will go to silence its critics in the United States.

The DOJ said federal law enforcement arrested three of the five men on Monday and Tuesday. Two remained at large.

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