Chinese Drones Spotted In Ukraine Conflict, Drawing Concern

Chinese Drones Spotted In Ukraine Conflict, Drawing Concern

Chinese DRONES Spotted Where They Shouldn’t Be

( – As Foreign Policy recently reported, Chinese President Xi Jinping finds himself between a rock and a hard place regarding the communist country’s official response to the Russia/Ukraine conflict. Experts predicted China would eventually provide non-lethal support to the Russian effort. However, as it turns out, a Chinese company may already have intervened on Russia’s behalf.

On Wednesday, April 27, Newsmax reported that drones were increasingly playing an essential role in the conflict. Additionally, Reuters published an article discussing allegations that Shenzhen DJI Sciences and Technologies Ltd. (DJI) leaked information regarding Ukraine’s military operations to Russia. The Chinese-based business is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of consumer-grade drones.

DJI quickly responded by announcing its decision to suspend operations in both Russia and Ukraine to prevent the use of its drones by either side.

A DJI spokesperson told Reuters interested parties shouldn’t interpret the decision to halt operations in the region as a statement for or against either country. Instead, it served as a “statement about [the company’s] principles.”

Additional concern surrounds DJI’s market share of drone sales in the United States. Drones can support various operations, including surveilling, analyzing, and mapping information about the US and transmit the data back to Chinese servers.

What are your thoughts about the possibility that Chinese drones might be flying overhead?

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