China Sends Threatening Warning to Nancy Pelosi

China Sends Threatening Warning to Nancy Pelosi

( – On Thursday, April 7, multiple media outlets reported House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) planned to lead a Congressional delegation to Taiwan on that following Sunday, April 10. However, later that day, she tested positive for COVID-19, effectively postponing the trip, but not before China sent a clear warning to her regarding possible repercussions.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian issued a strong statement on the visit using the ministry’s Twitter account. Lijian stated China firmly opposed Pelosi’s planned visit and would take “resolute [and] strong measures to defend its sovereignty [and] territorial integrity.”

Lijian echoed the sentiment during his regular daily press briefing as reported by Reuters. “If [Pelosi] does visit, China will take strong measures” against the move, adding the US would bear the consequences of its response. He also called on US officials to cancel Pelosi’s planned visit.

Hu Xijin, the former head of the Communist Party’s state-affiliated Global Times, also spoke out against Pelosi’s visit in a strongly worded op-ed. He called it “an extremely serious event [and] the most serious provocation by Washington [towards] China” since the island nation’s former leader visited the US in 1996.

Xijin also warned the US should work towards “appeasing China in exchange for not increasing [its] support for Russia” during its conflict with Ukraine. “China cannot back down,” he concluded, and Pelosi’s trip must be “disrupted” to protect Chinese sovereignty.

Pelosi’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Drew Hammill, announced the postponement of Pelosi’s trip. In light of the strong pushback from the Chinese Foreign Ministry and state-run media, do you think Pelosi’s planned Asia trip is a good idea?

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