China Says No “Army Force” Can Stop Its Takeover of Taiwan

China Says No

( – Taiwan identifies as an independent nation, but China disagrees and has been working to reunite the island with the mainland, much to the disdain of the US. The relationship between the States and Taiwan is precarious. While the US provides support to the island nation, it also recognizes the mainland’s rights.

Meanwhile, the China is incredibly combative about the relationship, and tensions between the US and China don’t make this situation any better. Now, the Chinese government is making threats towards the US.

The US Relationship With Taiwan

The 1979 Taiwan Relations Act forms the foundation of the relationship between the US and Taiwan. It legally creates the unofficial nature of the US commitment to assist Taiwan with its ability to defend itself.

The US takes the stance that Taiwan should be able to operate independently and promotes peaceful interactions between the itself and China. In general, the relationship is one of support where the US helps Taiwan but stays somewhat ambiguous regarding Taiwan’s independence. America has developed a situation in which it can support Taiwan but never get into a place where it has to defend it.

Threats From China

The People’s Republic of China (PRC) has taken the stance that Taiwan will eventually come back into the fold. Still, the recent amplifying of military tensions have made it clear the nation is losing patience. On December 20, Zhao Lijian, the director of the Foreign Ministry, issued a warning to President Joe Biden.

Zhao told Biden to cease all contact with Taiwan. He said unification is imminent and nobody, including the US, will be able to stop it from happening. The director went on to say that America should be very careful about any interactions with the nation, end all military connections, and not encourage Taiwan’s independence.

The Reaction From the White House

With the US officially operating under hands-off relations with Taiwan, the goal is to maintain the status quo. The Biden administration keeps bringing that to the attention of anyone who questions what will happen if China makes a threatening move towards the island. There has been no comment from the White House on Zhao’s statement.

With the PRC becoming more emboldened about its desire to get Taiwan under its control, the big question is if President Biden will be able to find a suitable solution that allows the country to maintain its ties with the island nation while not kicking up a fight with the mainland?

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