China Lashes Out at Canada for Blocking Free Speech of Truckers

China Lashes Out at Canada for Blocking Free Speech of Truckers

( – It’s pretty bad when officials from the People’s Republic of China lash out at a country for violating its citizens’ rights. However, that’s exactly what happened when the communist country berated Canada for blocking the free speech rights of protesting truckers.

On February 22, the Chinese Embassy in Ottawa, Canada, posted a Twitter thread calling out Trudeau’s government for its hypocritical approach to protest movements. The embassy pointed to Canada’s recent use of batons, pepper spray, and stun guns to disperse “Freedom Convoy” members calling for an end to Canada’s harsh COVID-19 restrictions.

Continuing, embassy officials contrasted Canada’s approach to free speech when “radical elements” in Hong Kong staged violent protests there in 2019. Demonstrators reportedly assaulted local law enforcement officials and “disrupted public order.”

When Hong Kong police officers took action to disperse the crowds, Canadian officials sided with the demonstrators and said it would “stand up loudly and clearly for human rights” globally.

The embassy concluded its thread noting the protesters in Hong Kong were part of a “human rights movement,” according to Canada. But when something similar happens in Canada, suddenly, people exercising their right to protest are “a threat to democracy.” According to the Chinese, that kind of outrageous double-standard isn’t acceptable.

What do you think? Does China have the standing to criticize Canada’s recent approach to freedom of expression, considering its long-standing history of supporting genocide and other deadly human rights abuses? Should Canada throttle the voices of Freedom Convoy members?

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