China Half-Heartedly Waives Tariffs


In what appears to be a victory in Trump’s trade war with China, the nation has decided to waive tariffs on 16 American products.

However, a closer examination of the goods China is relieving from tariffs reveals that the country is primarily looking out for its own interests.

Chinese tariffs that really matter are the ones on US agricultural and manufacturing goods, produced mainly in states with strong support for [President] Donald Trump. We just don’t see China willing to negotiate on them before the race for US [the] presidential elections really kicks off.

-Artur Baluszynski, Head of Research at Henderson Rowe

Products on the list include livestock feed (whey), fish feed, cancer treatment drugs, base stock for lubricating oil, and shrimp. Consumer staples like soybeans and pork aren’t included on the list. The tariff waives go into effect next week and more products may be added at a later date.

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