China Cracks Down on US News Organizations

China Cracks Down On US News Organizations

( – China’s Communist regime is steadily becoming even more repressive. Faced with international condemnation of their crackdown on Hong Kong, on top of the uproar over their bungling of the coronavirus pandemic, the country’s leaders are trying to shut down potential critics. As President Trump has taken the lead in demanding China play by civilized rules, it’s natural that American news organizations are the first targets of their renewed repression.

US Reporters Hit By New Visa Restrictions

When it comes to journalism, China is one of the least free countries in the world. The Communist regime claims to allow free speech but, in reality, censorship is rife and nothing gets reported in the country unless the Party approves of it. The Communists even restrict internet access through a massive firewall system that filters out anything the regime disapproves of. Now, they’re launching a new campaign against US media outlets.

  • Foreign journalists need permission from the Party before they can operate in China, and the state uses this as a weapon against anyone who reports on sensitive issues. Reporting on corruption or the repression of ethnic minorities is a quick way to get permission withdrawn.
  • The latest issue is the regime seems to be tightening up on US news organizations across the board, probably in response to President Trump’s recent criticisms of China.
  • The Foreign Correspondents’ Club of China (FCCC) – a group that promotes freedom of the press – sent a series of tweets Monday complaining that the Chinese foreign ministry is not renewing the working visas of American journalists.
  • Instead of a full visa, which grants the right to work in China for a set length of time and can’t be withdrawn without at least pretending to give a reason, journalists who work for American media groups are being given temporary letters of authorization.
  • These letters don’t have the same legal weight as a visa, and the foreign ministry has openly said they can be revoked at any time. This puts journalists on notice – if they say anything the regime doesn’t like, they’re out.

China says they’re doing this because the visas of many Chinese journalists in the US – most of them employed by state propaganda organizations – expire on November 6. It’s clear the Communists are using visas as a diplomatic weapon to make sure their journalists get their paperwork renewed. As the FCCC says, the regime has “turned accredited foreign journalists in China into pawns in a wider diplomatic conflict” – and that’s not how civilized countries do things.

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