China Censors Its Own National Anthem

China Censors Its Own National Anthem

( – China’s regime is still fixed on an impossible “zero COVID” strategy, leading to a series of harsh lockdowns in affected cities. Now, there’s growing unrest over restrictions on what little liberty Chinese citizens have. Of course, the Communists are cracking down on that, too, pushing them into some absurd decisions.

Residents of Shanghai are now in the fourth week of a lockdown that’s seen residents confined to their apartments, only allowed to leave for COVID tests. Many citizens are running short of food as the government struggles to deliver supplies. Predictably, the people are not happy about it.

Last weekend, Shanghai residents started posting the words “Arise, ye who refuse to be slaves” on the country’s Weibo social media platform. Residents of other cities soon joined in, and the communist censors reacted quickly to stamp out this mild-mannered protest. Regulators disabled a hashtag containing the words, preventing users from spreading the message. The only problem is — those words are the first line of the Chinese national anthem, “March of the Volunteers.”

Now the CCP finds itself in the weird position of suppressing its own national anthem as unpatriotic. The communists are trying to enforce a strategy that can’t work and isn’t popular, and they’re determined to push ahead with it instead of listening to their people. Some Western leftists still seem to think China is a role model when dealing with COVID. Will this latest absurdity finally change their minds?

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