China Caught Harvesting Data of US Citizens

China Caught Harvesting Data of US Citizens

( – China continues using cyber-based technologies to wreak havoc on its perceived foes, including the United States. The communist country took significant steps throughout 2021 to steal American trade secrets, disrupt vital infrastructure systems, and breach online databases. Now, a stunning new report is shedding light on Chinese efforts to harvest personal data from US citizens.

On December 31, the Washington Post (WaPo) broke the news that China had been mining personal information from Western social media companies like Facebook and Twitter.

Newly revealed documents researched by WaPo, indicated several government entities had purchased sophisticated cyber systems to obtain the data from users of those sites. Law enforcement agencies, military organizations, cyber regulators, and state-run media companies topped the list of groups using the exploits to gather sensitive information.

Analysts say the surveillance and data-gathering program is part of an overall campaign by China to distribute widespread foreign propaganda using data harvested from Western Big Tech companies. Chinese officials have also been using artificial intelligence to infiltrate and manipulate social media platforms to spread disinformation.

Should the United States be concerned about this kind of aggressive move by China? Do you think Chinese officials influence American news reporting more than we might think?

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