Child Surgeries Win Approval of John Hopkins

Child Surgeries Win Approval of John Hopkins

( – Sadly, American children have become the targets of activists pushing the Leftist and LGBTQ+ agendas in a way that could scar them for life, quite literally. Blue states and cities have joined together in trying to normalize their actions and have it funded by tax dollars, and at least one respected medical institution is adding its voice in support.

Childhood Sex Changes

Liberals have used woke politics to push aspects of their agenda to convince the world that there is more to gender than traditional male/female aspects, claiming that there are dozens, if not hundreds, of genders. There have even been articles published on WebMD that have advocated prescribing hormone blockers for boys as young as 11 years old and girls beginning at 10.

Johns Hopkins University and Medicine recently sent an email to staff telling them that the institution “will be submitting written testimony in support of legislation” pending in Maryland called “The Trans Health Equity Act of 2023.” There are companion bills before their legislature in the state Senate (SB 460) and House (HB 283), which will allow their Medicaid program “to provide gender-affirming treatment” and, in fact, will prohibit denials of the services except in certain cases.

According to the email, some of the “treatments” that will be included at taxpayer expense are:

  • Body contouring
  • Facial gender surgery
  • Tracheal shave

On October 2, 2019, Breitbart News published an article detailing findings by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) about deaths associated with medicines prescribed to children to stave off the onset of puberty, collectively known as GnRH agonists. The article included links to certain sources that appear to have been removed in the intervening time –– isn’t that a bit strange?

According to the Breitbart article, the FDA reported 41,213 adverse events, 6,379 of them being fatal, related to one of the drugs known as Leuprorelin. Reports from mid-2022 show that the FDA added a warning to the GnRH agonists after finding that six girls between the ages of five and 12 who were taking the drugs suffered from increased pressure inside their skulls, which can cause swelling of the brain and blindness.

Several Republican-led states, such as Alabama, Arkansas, and Florida, among others, have passed laws banning the use of these puberty blockers for minors. However, Leftist activists have managed to at least temporarily block some of them in federal court. There have also been reports of Liberal teachers and school districts secretly helping children to transition, in the social sense if not the medical.

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