Child Molester Caught By Border Patrol

Child Molester Caught By Border Patrol

An illegal immigrant with a history of sex offenses against children has been arrested by US Border Patrol officers in a bid to sneak back into this country. While left-wing extremists keep demanding we open our borders to anyone who wants to come in, federal officers are facing a tidal wave of illegals — many of them criminals who’ve already been deported from the US.


Customs and Border Patrol recently announced the arrest of a 33-year-old man in the vicinity of Tucson, AZ. Agents say the man crossed the border illegally, then became lost in the desert. He called 911 to ask for help and was then detained by CBP.

  • The intruder is Adrian Castro-Garcia, a Mexican national. Castro-Garcia was convicted twice in Los Angeles of having sex with a minor, once in 2013 and again in 2014. Both times, he was deported from the US after serving jail time for his offenses.
  • It’s becoming harder to deport foreign criminals since states like California have enacted “sanctuary” laws to obstruct federal law enforcement. If Castro-Garcia had made it back to Los Angeles without being detained, it’s unlikely ICE would have been able to deport him again.
  • CBP also announced the arrest of two more Mexicans over the last week. 55-year-old Jesus Contreras-Covurrubias was convicted of felony sexual abuse in Oregon in 1992 and deported after serving his sentence. Agents caught him illegally entering the US at Eagle Pass, Texas.
  • Another convicted felon, 26-year-old Mauricio Moreno-Garcia, was caught crossing the border at California’s El Centro sector. He was convicted in Nevada of sexual lewdness with a minor in 2016 and deported.
  • Sex offenses by illegal immigrants are in the news right now following a spate of statutory rapes in Montgomery County, Maryland, where “sanctuary” laws brought in by Democrat county politicians have protected at least five border jumpers from deportation.
  • With so many jurisdictions now operating “sanctuary” laws, the only reliable defense between American citizens and foreign criminals is the border and the officers who secure it. Leftists argue that most crimes are committed by US citizens. That’s true — but it’s also irrelevant. Just because people who do have a right to be in the country commit crimes, that’s not an argument for letting known criminals come here illegally. We don’t need “sanctuary” laws; we need a wall.

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