Child Abusers and an MS-13 Member Caught Crossing Border

Child Abusing MS-13 Member Caught Crossing Border
Child Abusing MS-13 Member Caught Crossing Border

Federal agents turned up more evidence for why we need a border wall when several serious criminals were arrested trying to sneak into the US illegally. There’s nothing new about border jumpers being detained, and nothing new about some of them turning out to be criminals, either. The problem is that for every one caught by the Border Patrol an unknown number make it across our leaky frontier and disappear into American society. That, says President Trump, is why we need a real barrier to keep the border secure — and arrests like these in early February make it pretty hard for any sane person to disagree.


Border Patrol agents reported that they’d apprehended several illegals in the Rio Grande Valley sector of the border. The captives included at least two convicted child abusers of the worst kind and a member of a violent gang — exactly the sort of people who would endanger our citizens if they got in.

  • The Rio Grande Valley sector has no physical barrier right now. In the past, it’s been assumed that the terrain would deter most illegals, and patrols by agents would intercept the rest. Those obviously aren’t safe assumptions anymore; the only way to guarantee security is to have a barrier that can’t be breached without alerting agents.
  • It’s obvious from the records of those detained that traffic across the border isn’t seen as a big challenge by illegals. One of the men, a Mexican citizen, has a previous conviction in Georgia for child molestation. Another has a North Carolina conviction for indecent liberties with a child.
  • Yet another man has a record from Florida that places him as a member of the notoriously violent MS-13 gang.
  • These are clearly all people who’ve crossed our borders before, harmed our citizens and been expelled — but the lack of security is allowing criminals like them to return to the US and prey on us again.
  • Border Patrol agents say that the barriers which do exist — sections of the border in Texas have 25-foot steel and concrete walls — are highly effective at stopping criminals crossing the border. They’re asking for the existing barriers to be extended so border jumpers are channeled into areas where they can be intercepted by patrols.
  • A better solution, of course, is to seal the border off completely. Which is exactly what President Trump wants to do with his wall.