Chaos at the Caucuses – Updated 2/5

Chaos at the Caucuses

( – You can’t make up what happened with the Iowa Caucuses on Monday 2/3. While we’re waiting for the final official results, here’s the basic rundown.

As of late Tuesday night, 71% of precincts have been counted. These are the percentages of delegates for each candidate:

  • Pete Buttigieg – 26.82%
  • Bernie Sanders – 25.22%
  • Elizabeth Warren – 18.37%
  • Joe Biden – 15.43%
  • Amy Klobuchar – 12.61%
  • Andrew Yang – 1.02%
  • Tom Steyer – 0.32%
  • Uncommitted – 0.19%

Everyone else still technically in the race received zero delegates.

How It Ended Up in Chaos

The app that was used to tally up the votes failed to work as designed before 2% of the votes were accounted for.

Caucus organizers called the troubleshooting line and were on hold for up to an hour in some cases, some were even disconnected — one on live TV.

Iowa Democrat Officials then asked Caucus precinct organizers to take pictures of the votes, text them to another Caucus official, and then that person drove to the HQ with the results.

The Sanders campaign released its own internal vote records, which only accounted for 40% of the total.

The Joe Biden campaign wanted the final results to be postponed until they could see the final tally first.

Pete Buttigieg prematurely declared victory even though zero official results were in.

Social media users uncovered the DNC’s and Buttigieg’s funding trail to Shadow, Inc., the developers of the app that failed Iowa. These investigations were later confirmed on MSM networks.

All in all, this was a night of insanity brought to you courtesy of the Democrats.

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