CDC Warns E-Cig Users

E-cigarettes have taken the market by storm over the last few years as an alternative to the real thing or as an aid to quit smoking altogether. Companies claim that vaping is a healthier alternative to real cigarettes, which isn’t an unreasonable assertion given that vape fluid lacks many carcinogens found in tobacco. The technology is new, meaning long-term research on potentially adverse side-effects is sparse and still in development.

Now, it seems that vaping may be more dangerous than we anticipated. Following the third vaping-related death, the CDC is urging Americans to quit using e-cigs while they investigate these cases. They’re studying 450 cases of lung disease that are potentially related to vaping.

Here is the official statement from the CDC.

The CDC hasn’t discovered a shared element across different vape products, yet. Some vape fluids analyzed contained nicotine, while others had THC; so, it’s not necessarily about the active chemical in the vape juice.

Some users suffering from health conditions had purchased vaping fluids off the streets, so there’s no telling what those products contained.

If you or a loved one uses any type of vape product, then please help them to stop while the CDC investigates these issues. Nicotine alternatives also include patches, gum and lozenges and are readily available.

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