CDC Warns Agency Would Lose Access to Key Data If Emergency Declaration Ends

CDC Warns Agency Would Lose Access to Key Data If Emergency Declaration Ends

( – On January 27, 2020, former Health and Human Services (HHS) Sec. Alex Azar officially announced that a public health emergency existed nationwide in the United States due to the coronavirus. Current HHS head Xavier Becerra renewed that Public Health Emergency Declaration (PHED) for an additional three months on January 14, 2022. The CDC recently warned it would lose the ability to collect vital data necessary to track COVID-19 if the emergency declaration ends.

A CDC spokesperson recently told The Epoch Times the agency lacks the legal authority to determine how public health data is reported. Current information regarding hospitalization and infection rates is only available due to the authority granted to the CDC under the PHED.

There are some downsides to renewing the PHED. For example, although the declaration provides access to some funding reserves for the CDC and other government health agencies, it fails to provide financial resources for hospitals and other healthcare facilities and services.

Providing a steady stream of data requires additional work-hours for facilities, driving up operating costs. In turn, hard-working Americans will likely see their fees for hospitalization and other health-related services increase. Besides, critics like former FCA deputy division director Rik Mehta point out falling rates of new COVID infections indicate the pandemic has eased to the point where a state of emergency no longer actually exists.

Do you think the Biden administration should extend the emergency declaration?

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