CDC Denies Hiding Key Vaccination Data From Public

CDC Denies Hiding Key Vaccination Data From Public

( – The CDC denies concealing data related to the COVID-19 pandemic while simultaneously altering data they have released. Does the agency actually have accurate information about the impact of the disease, and if it does, will we get to see it?

Through the COVID pandemic, politicians and businesses have used the CDC’s grim statistics on deaths and hospitalizations to justify repressive measures and poor service. Now, those statistics are under scrutiny, and they’re not always holding up.

In February, a CDC source told journalists the agency is only releasing a fraction of the data it’s collected. The source said the agency was holding back vital information about the vaccination status of victims. The CDC denies this, but their messaging is confusing. Spokeswoman Kristen Nordlund told the New York Times the agency is withholding data to keep it from being “misrepresented” by vaccine skeptics.

There are also serious doubts about the data CDC has released. On March 15, the agency reduced its figures for COVID deaths by 72,277 — including a quarter of all childhood deaths. The CDC blamed a “coding logic error” for overestimating, but it raises serious questions. If the agency isn’t releasing much of its data, and the rest can’t be relied on for accuracy, should legislators be using it to guide their decisions?

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