CBS Forced To Censor Its Own Reporting After What It Revealed

CBS Forced To Censor Its Own Reporting After What It Revealed

CBS News CENSORS Its Own Damning Report!

( – Every now and then, a crack appears, and the mainstream media objectively reports the facts surrounding a situation. However, CBS News allegedly censored its own reporting under mounting pressure from Liberals.

On August 5, the network posted a tweet promoting its documentary, “Arming Ukraine.” According to the post, only a paltry 30% of the billions of dollars of military aid sent by the US managed to reach “its final destination.”

The tweet drew a positive response from Republican legislators like Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), who opposed the recent $40-billion Ukrainian aid package. Shortly afterward, CBS quickly pulled both the tweet and its investigative report, claiming the figures had changed since it filmed the story in April. Execs also promised to air the documentary at an unspecified date once it modified it to conform with its new data.

However, Summit News reported the network instead self-censored itself because “something a little too close to the truth” emerged, and executives were pressured by outside sources to “blacklist” the program.

Information Liberation publisher Chris Menahan echoed that sentiment. He also wrote that CBS probably censored the film because it “broke the unspoken rule” that American media outlets must support Ukraine at all times because the Liberal World Order’s future “is at stake.”

Do you believe CBS pulled the program to update it, or do you think something else is happening?

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