Castro’s Begging Pays Off

Castro's Begging Pays Off

Roughly two weeks ago, Julián Castro threatened his supporters into donating by promising to end his presidential campaign if he didn’t receive another $800,000 by the end of the month.

Well, his marketing plan worked. Castro raised the money he asked for thanks to 50,000 donors who chipped in an average of $16 each.

Maya Rupert, his campaign manager, pandered towards the manipulated supporters by stating “Time and time again this campaign has defied expectations with the support of an army of dedicated, grassroots supporters.”

While it’s certainly impressive that Castro managed to stay in the DNC race for a few more moments (he made it longer than Beto O’Rourke), his approach towards this matter was in poor taste. If his message is so compelling, why did Castro have to resort to emotional manipulation to get the money he needs? Clearly, Castro’s ideologies and policies can’t stand up in the face of scrutiny, so he resorts to underhanded tactics to sway his base.

Don’t be surprised when Castro, another Dem who can’t manage his money, drops out of the presidential race in the next few months.

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