Castro Calls for Easier Asylum Access

Castro Calls for Easier Asylum Access

Democratic presidential wannabe Julian Castro spoke to NPR on Friday, and in an obvious attempt to chase far-left votes, he announced that he plans to roll back improvements President Trump has made to our border security and make it easier for people to enter the US. Right now, we have the ability to check asylum claims before asylees get into the country, but Castro thinks we should scrap that.

Castro told his audience that he would “immediately” issue an executive order to end the Migrant Protection Protocol. Under the protocol, asylees who arrive at the southern US border wait in Mexico while their claims are processed by a US immigration court.

This system protects us from people with false or ineligible claims. Once someone’s in the country it’s difficult to remove them, especially with “sanctuary” laws being used to obstruct law enforcement. Many asylees who get into the US don’t even bother to turn up for their court hearings, which contributes to backlogs in the system.

Now Castro claims that the old system “was more effective,” although he didn’t list any specific ways in which it was better at protecting our borders or explain who will pay to look after these people while they wait for their claims to be processed in the US.

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