Canadian Truckers’ GoFundMe Account Frozen

Canadian Truckers' GoFundMe Account Frozen

( – Rumors circulated earlier this week indicating Canadian officials in Ottawa were threatening to deploy federal troops against a group of truckers driving to the nation’s capital to demand the Federal Government “cease all [coronavirus-related] mandates against its people.” However, the nation’s Defense Ministry said it didn’t plan to get involved in the ongoing situation. Unfortunately, problems for the truckers didn’t end there.

On Wednesday, February 3, GoFundMe paused the Freedom Convoy 2022 page while it reviewed the fundraiser to ensure it complied with the site’s terms of service and any applicable statutes governing the campaign.

Tamara Lich organized the fundraiser on January 14, along with team member B.J. Dichter. The campaign had raised C$10,092,700 CAD, or about $7,916,915 in US dollars, when GoFundMe administrators paused the account.

The truckers have been blocking access to the US-Canada highway since the Trudeau administration enacted a vaccine mandate for all Canadian truckers attempting to reenter the country beginning January 15.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau vowed to end the protest during a speech before the House of Commons on January 2. But, so far, both sides appear to be in a standoff.

Hopefully, the Canadian government will have a change of heart and roll back some of its draconian restrictions.

Stand by; this is an evolving story.

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