Canadian Requests Euthanasia to End Gender-Affirming Surgery Pain

( – Republican lawmakers at the state and federal levels have been promoting the passage of protections for children regarding gender-affirming treatments. A recent report from Canada regarding post-surgical pain provides ample support for those concerns.

On July 28, the Daily Mail posted a disturbing article detailing a transgender Canadian woman’s effort to obtain government-sponsored euthanasia services. Lois Cardinal, a self-described “sterilized… post-op transsexual,” underwent sex change surgery in 2009 and reportedly has suffered from “constant discomfort and pain,” according to the report. She applied for euthanasia through Canada’s Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) law.

Cardinal recently posted some of her MAID records online to draw attention to her plight. The physician assigned to assess Cardinal’s case determined that her underlying issue was pain and anxiety associated with her 2009 surgical procedure. The doctor referred the claimant to a specialist and consulted with another medical clinician.

However, the physician eventually denied Cardinal’s MAID application, ultimately ruling that the prospective euthanasia patient didn’t meet the current criteria for MAID services. The doctor noted that Cardinal was looking into obtaining funding to visit a gender clinic in Montreal “for surgical follow-up.

The denial notice stated that the MAID office had provided Cardinal with resources regarding her human rights concerns. It also confirmed that she could contact the physician in the future about her “ongoing journey for an assisted death.”

The Daily Mail theorized the physician overseeing Cardinal’s MAID claim determined that she had other medical procedures available to her other than taking the extreme step of ending her life. Cardinal stressed that her condition wasn’t improving, nor was she “experiencing better medical care” since making her claim, adding that government officials “care more about my pronouns” than providing proper care.

Cardinal, who goes by the Duchess Lois Of Alberta online, pinned a statement on her Twitter account calling on all levels of government to “reconsider their stance on ‘gender-affirming care.'” Addressing children, she wrote that Canadians should allow them to “prosper” before “harming them with irreversible [medical] remedies.”

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